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I Threw A Ball

Friday, September 23rd, 2016


I threw a ball

At a cat

It was in a call

With a bat


The bat was tall

The cat was red

At the end of it all

They both were wed


~ Elyss Lai, 13

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Death Is A Friend Of Mine

Friday, September 23rd, 2016




Death is a friend of mine so I hear people say,

But I’ve never met him to this very day,

Although I am curious I shall not quicken the pace,

For I’d like him to meet me willingly face to face.


And now as I lay on this death bed of mine,

I stare at the clock as it ticks away my time,

Anxious to meet this so-called friend,

I fail to notice a figure standing in the dark end.


Now there is something that I failed to mention,

And it is something of crucial information,

When writing about Death I recommend,

Not assuming that it is a Man.


For if you offend Death in any way,

You might not go in the same array,

And do remember even Woman can kill,

As soon as I stop writing with my quill.


~ Anna Lim, 14



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There Was A Cat

Friday, September 23rd, 2016


There was a cat,

That wore a hat,

And pounced around catching rats.


One day the cat,

Got really fat,

And laid its tummy on its favourite mat.


The rats were fuming,

And plotting a killing,

So when the cat was sleeping,

Its blood went spilling.


This concludes the story,

Of the cat that was once in glory,

Then suddenly murdered cruelly,

In its own territory.


by Hoi Khai-Weing, 14


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