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Ms Eileen is a wonderful teacher. For a year and a half, she helped me tremendously. She patiently guided me through the IGCSE English syllabus. As a result, my writing and understanding of English has improved and I managed to score an A in my IGCSE first language English — a huge leap from my previously low scores. Thank you Ms Eileen for your time and support!

~ Bernice Lai


It has been quite a journey learning English with Teacher Eileen. It is absolutely mind-blowing to see how much my English has improved over the years.

Looking back at everything I did, I am very grateful to have had such an amazing teacher like her. I still remember the first time when she returned the essay that she had marked for me – it was full of red marks. It was extremely shocking at first because I’d never had any teacher who put so much effort into examining a piece of essay. But it was at that time that I realized my grammar was a mess and that I had the problem of insufficient vocabulary.

Teacher Eileen has always advised me to read more books to improve my English and to take it to another level. I am going to be brutally honest – I actually did not really read the books she gave me. (For the first two years with her!) The reason behind this was that I could barely comprehend what the books were talking about. However, she has always been very encouraging whenever I tried to talk about an interesting fact that I had read.

She once told me: “Try your very best to search in the dictionary/thesaurus for every word that you do not understand.” Guess What? I decided to take that to heart. With that, I was able to improve my English gradually and my vocabulary as well. Not going to lie, having to search for at least 70% of the words on a single page was definitely a gruesome task at first. But I genuinely believed that if I was willing to go that extra mile, my hard work would pay off in the end. And today, I am glad that it did.

What’s more, I have become much more eloquent in speaking English after all these years with Teacher Eileen. 

Wow!!! Five years have gone by so fast that it seems like the blink of an eye. Thank you for always believing in me, Teacher Eileen. You have inspired me to write more creatively, and hopefully, I can follow in your footsteps and publish a book one day.

~ Jon Lee


Throughout the long journey that I’ve been on with Ms Eileen, she has really opened my eyes to a whole new side of the English Language. Complex grammar and vocabulary concepts which once seemed like a bunch of pointless rules that you always had to follow when writing, were all explained in a clear and easy to understand manner. Ms Eileen is a patient and supportive teacher who gives valuable feedback, and can point out specific areas to improve on to sharpen your writing skills. From struggling to write sentences without grammatical errors to writing essays with few flaws and to even scoring an A* for my IGCSE English as a Second Language exam, Ms Eileen has truly helped me to improve my English skills significantly.

~ Herman Heng


Ms Eileen has had a great impact on my English throughout my journey with her. She taught me how to construct creative and sophisticated essays and helped me turn my long messy sentences into clear and concise writing. Moreover, she showed attention to detail when marking, providing feedback on areas that required improvement. Ms Eileen helped me achieved an A for my IGCSE English as a Second Language exam. Without her, I would have had many doubts about my capabilities.

~ Chow Chun Jiet


I’ve been Teacher Eileen‘s student for almost five years. Since I started attending her classes, my English has improved dramatically in all aspects. She is a very attentive, patient and conscientious teacher whom I really appreciate.💗

~ Ng Kai Qi


Ms Eileen helped me to really understand how to tackle my paper strategically. For example, highlighting which sections I needed to spend more time on as well as learning specific answering techniques for the different question types. She gave insightful feedback for my essays which helped me to identify areas I needed to specifically focus on as well as shared methods to ensure my writing was varied and could score in the exam. I have just recently got my English as a First Language IGCSE results back and want to say thank you to her for helping me achieve an A*!

~ Katrina Ong


Ms. Eileen is a wonderful teacher. Her teaching approach always makes learning English less intimidating as she breaks things down into ways that are simple and easy to grasp. From the very beginning, Ms Eileen helped me to write with purpose by teaching us how to use language effectively.

She is also one of the most patient and consistent teachers I’ve had! My homework is always meticulously marked which lets me know where I stand and in what areas I need improvement. With her guidance, I got an A*(94) in English First Language and a Grade 2 in oral. Thank you Ms Eileen!! 💞💞

~ Elissa Ann


I was in a quandary when I realised that I had to sit for my IELTS within a short span of time. Not having done much preparation, I decided to ask my previous English tutor, Ms Eileen, for her assistance. Little did I know that she had both the insight and knowledge of the IELTS exam at her fingertips. Her invaluable tutoring, insight, care and industry enabled me to obtain an 8 in my IELTS. Dear Ms Eileen, a big thank you. I couldn’t have done it without you.

~ Esha Kaur Sachdev


I have been Teacher Eileen’s student for a few years. Since I started with her, my writing and vocabulary skills have improved tremendously. Before, I could not even write a cohesive plot for a story but she taught me helpful techniques to express my ideas. I got an A* and a Grade 1 for oral for English as a Second Language. Thank you so much for all your help and support through these years 🙏

~ Ang Xin


Tutors are easy to find. But one who’s caring and diligent is one of a kind~ 💖

😇 I really looked forward to Teacher Eileen’s classes even during those days when I didn’t have any brain energy left in the evenings. I always felt so welcomed in her home with its wonderful atmosphere 🤗

Truly, what I really appreciate the most is how much she cares for each and every one of her students! 🙏 She carries a great motherly spirit in her, and it’s lovely to have a teacher who works by your side. ✨(instead of piling work on you)

Teacher Eileen has guided me every step of the way to scoring an A* in my IGCSE 2020 English as a Second Language. The effort she puts into the reviewing even the tiniest detail is immeasurable! 😉

She’s one AWESOME teacher I don’t regret having! 👍💕

~ Wong Zheng Xiang



Teacher Eileen has been very patient with us and always open whenever we had problems understanding certain things. Her classes have been very fun and engaging and I have personally learned a lot. It has been a pleasure being her student and I am truly grateful to have had her as my English teacher.

Thank you Teacher Eileen for your guidance and for helping me get an A*(92) for ESL and a grade one for oral!!! ❤️

~ Xin-E


   There has always been something about language that I found difficult. While I know the fundamentals of grammar, I struggle when it comes to filling a blank piece of paper.

   When I started English as 2nd Language in Year 10, I was getting Cs. Luckily, my parents were kind enough to sign me up for Ms Eileen’s tuition class.

    I was worried that the class would be rigid and mundane with certain keys and rules to follow. However, Ms Eileen’s teaching was always lively and straightforward. She guided us step by step towards writing clear, interesting and informed essays.

    With her analytical and creative views, it can be hard to please her with a good essay. I had to re-do my essays many times as she challenged me to improve and analyse my mistakes.

    With Ms Eileen’s devotion and patience correcting and guiding me, I got an A in my IGCSE English exam. I have also made a big improvement in both my writing and creative thinking. I hope to continue learning and improving as it’s crucial for me to communicate and share ideas clearly.

~ Chow Shin Ru


Hi Teacher Eileen, it has truly been a great two years with you. My English has improved since my first tuition lesson with you!

I really like the method you use to teach teenagers. While other teachers might say nasty things like, “You are really bad, you know, compared to your other classmates. If you continue writing this badly, you won’t do well in your exams.” Honestly, that would hurt anyone’s feelings and pull them down. Instead, the method used in your classes is rather encouraging! You tell us to work harder and show us how we can improve instead of telling us that we are bad and not finding a solution to solve it. I also enjoyed your interactive style of teaching. You used techniques, like mind-mapping, which made it more fun and enjoyable. Much better than just sitting on the chair for one and a half hours rotting like a zombie.

I also appreciate your efforts in building a teacher-student relationship. Last time, I hated going to tuition as it would always be the same thing over and over again. I would get criticised for my work which would make my night end badly. However, when I switched to your classes, everything took a turn. I suddenly enjoyed doing something I didn’t like before. The motivation you give students is very impactful. You do this by talking to us in class and taking an interest in what we do throughout our day. It’s your kindness that makes students remember why they enjoy your classes.

Lastly, I love the environment in which you teach. As a student, I love to have a bright and energetic feel when I’m studying. You made me feel comfortable with books – books to show that we should always read and study until we are at our peak –  and the brightness of the lights. The brightness in your classroom was very enjoyable for me. It was like a bonus getting a better environment. The level of brightness was just right – not too bright nor too dim. Previously in other classes, it might be hot and stuffy and I couldn’t focus on writing my piece. The worst part was when the teacher didn’t even care. We just had to deal with it. In your classes, sometimes if it was too cold or hot, students would tell you, and you would adjust the air-conditioner to our needs in order to avoid any discomfort.

I hope you can carry on helping those who are in need of help to improve and continue to be a good teacher! Thank you for helping me when I needed it!

~ Ivan Goh


When I first started the new IGCSE English syllabus, my grades were going down the drain. But after many months of patient and helpful correction from Miss Eileen, I managed to get an A* for English First Language!

Miss Eileen helped me expand my vocabulary and taught me literary techniques and different ways to express my ideas into concise and clear  writing. She made literature and English seem beautiful and sophisticated for me when I thought it was boring and complicated. Without her, I don’t know how I could have passed my IGSCE exam.

~ Kaylee Tan


Thanks for a very fruitful and wonderful year, Eileen. My daughter has grown with you. She is always excited to tell me about your class. It is one of her favourites and has benefitted her in many ways 😍

~ Lee Wei Yun


Both my kids’ English were substandard, having been in the government school all their lives. Also not being avid readers did not help.

They were actually afraid to start IGCSE English but, with time, they started enjoying Ms Eileen’s classes. She got them engaged in the lessons and personalised her teaching to suit the student’s needs. She encouraged them to read by giving them a list of books making them independent learners. She also ensured that she covered the exam syllabus and ensured the kids were aware of the structure and type of questions and how to answer them. Kind, yet firm, always giving constructive comments to improve their writing, vocabulary and grammar.

Both of them always looked forward to her classes 😊 and as a parent it was a joy to see their English improve drastically 😊

~ Shuba Shetty


Miss Eileen helped me understand and get used to the exam questions. She also suggested many books for me to read just to improve my English in general. She is a great teacher and I am thankful for all the knowledge she has given me.

~ Karthik Shetty


Both my kids love you. They say you are very good and kind. My daughter has improved a lot, even in school too. Thank you so much.

~ Amy Chen


My daughter is very happy and enjoys your classes tremendously. She has improved so much and opened up her mind since you took her under your wing. The valuable skills she learnt helped her in other areas as well. Truly grateful for your patience and effort in guiding her.  🙏🙏🙏

~ Chooi Ang


Ms Eileen, it’s Ashley. I got an A (for First Language English) and a Grade 1 for oral. Thank you sooooo much teacher tqtqtqtqtqtqtq ❤❤❤


Thank you for guiding my daughter to an A* in her First Language English exam. She was very blessed to have had you as her English tutor 🙏 and she loved to attend your classes. She says your classes were very relaxed and she had a lot of fun developing her creative thinking skills. You not only provided her with practical guidance for her examinations, but introduced her to new dimensions of writing and stories.

~ Mei Leng Cheong


Learning Works is fantastic!

My children have benefitted greatly from classes here, gaining much confidence in their English speaking and writing.

Ms Eileen is a very dedicated and experienced teacher. She is friendly and approachable. She relates very well to students which encourages them to speak up. My children can relate to her freely. She is hardworking, diligent at work and takes the time to mark their homework with great effort.

Classes are held in a conducive environment – comfortable, air-conditioned, with suitable furniture and a white board.

Good course materials. Her classes are interesting.

~ Lisa Koay


Hi Teacher Eileen, I got a distinction for my English writing (ICAS) and a high distinction for my ICAS English. 🙂

~ Teo Mun Joon

















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