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Learning Works is fantastic!

My children have benefitted greatly from classes here, gaining much confidence in their English speaking and writing.

Ms Eileen is a very dedicated and experienced teacher. She is friendly and approachable. She relates very well to students which encourages them to speak up. My children can relate to her freely. She is hardworking, diligent at work and takes the time to mark their homework with great effort.

Classes are held in a conducive environment – comfortable, air-conditioned, with suitable furniture and a white board.

Good course materials. Her classes are interesting.

~ Lisa Koay


Thank you for guiding my daughter to an A* in her First Language English exam. She was very blessed to have had you as her English tutor 🙏 and she loved to attend your classes. She says your classes were very relaxed and she had a lot of fun developing her creative thinking skills. You not only provided her with practical guidance for her examinations, but introduced her to new dimensions of writing and stories.

~ Mei Leng Cheong


Ms Eileen, it’s Ashley. I got an A (for First Language English) and a Grade 1 for oral. Thank you sooooo much teacher tqtqtqtqtqtqtq ❤❤❤


My daughter is very happy and enjoys your classes tremendously. She has improved so much and opened up her mind since you took her under your wing. The valuable skills she learnt helped her in other areas as well. Truly grateful for your patience and effort in guiding her.  🙏🙏🙏

~ Chooi Ang


Both my kids love you. They say you are very good and kind. My daughter has improved a lot, even in school too. Thank you so much.

~ Amy Chen


Miss Eileen helped me understand and get used to the exam questions. She also suggested many books for me to read just to improve my English in general. She is a great teacher and I am thankful for all the knowledge she has given me.

~ Karthik Shetty


Both my kids’ English were substandard, having been in the government school all their lives. Also not being avid readers did not help.

They were actually afraid to start IGCSE English but, with time, they started enjoying Ms Eileen’s classes. She got them engaged in the lessons and personalised her teaching to suit the student’s needs. She encouraged them to read by giving them a list of books making them independent learners. She also ensured that she covered the exam syllabus and ensured the kids were aware of the structure and type of questions and how to answer them. Kind, yet firm, always giving constructive comments to improve their writing, vocabulary and grammar.

Both of them always looked forward to her classes 😊 and as a parent it was a joy to see their English improve drastically 😊

~ Shuba Shetty


Hi Teacher Eileen, I got a distinction for my English writing (ICAS) and a high distinction for my ICAS English. 🙂

~ Mun Joon





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