Death Is A Friend Of Mine




Death is a friend of mine so I hear people say,

But I’ve never met him to this very day,

Although I am curious I shall not quicken the pace,

For I’d like him to meet me willingly face to face.


And now as I lay on this death bed of mine,

I stare at the clock as it ticks away my time,

Anxious to meet this so-called friend,

I fail to notice a figure standing in the dark end.


Now there is something that I failed to mention,

And it is something of crucial information,

When writing about Death I recommend,

Not assuming that it is a Man.


For if you offend Death in any way,

You might not go in the same array,

And do remember even Woman can kill,

As soon as I stop writing with my quill.


~ Anna Lim, 14



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