Two Friends

Once there was a boy named Austin who went to Happy International school. He was the star student in class and the teacher’s pet but he had no friends at all. Many people wanted to be his friend. They tried to make friends with him but he refused to make friends with them because they were not smart. The others despised him because he was smart. He was lonely while the other kids had fun together. It was very sad for him. There were some who were mean to him too.

One day, he was running around in the field and he tripped on a rock. He fell and his knee started bleeding. He tried to call for help but nobody could hear him. He did not have a phone and could not walk. He started to cry. After a while, one of the boys that tried to make friends with him named Michael. Austin thought that Michael was going to walk away when he saw him but when Michael saw him he immediately called the teacher and they brought him to the nurse. Austin realised that even though Michael was not that smart they could still be friends. Austin asked Michael whether they could become friends and Michael said yes.

Austin became best friends with Michael. They were very happy. They promised each other to always be friends and never betray each other.


~ Brian Ong, 9 

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