I Remember, I Remember

I remember, I remember,

My scruffy old teddy bear,

It used to keep me company

When I was in despair;

I cuddled it while sleeping,

To prevent any nightmares.

But now, all I do with it

Is to throw it down the stairs.


I remember, I remember

My kind old nursery maid,

My mother wanted to sleep with me,

Yet I slept with her instead;

She told me the best stories,

Which made me go straight to bed,

And advised me to eat healthy,

So I would stay alive, not dead.


I remember, I remember

When my best friend got two cats,

I became a little jealous,

Because I couldn’t keep pets;

However, she shared them with me,

And played with me every day!

I have to admit, with that type of friends

You’ll always be okay.


~ Wong Chien Nee, 11

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