Stories, Poetry and Writing Holiday Workshop

Discover your child’s writing potential with our 5-day Stories, Poetry and Writing Holiday Workshop.


Participants will:

  • Take part in lots of writing exercises and games to get their creative energies going.
  • Build confidence by writing in a supportive environment and sharing their work with others.
  • Improve their English and public-speaking skills.


Dates: 5-9 June 2017

Time: 9.30-11.30 a.m.daily

Age range: 7-11

Fee: RM385

Venue: Learning Works in Bandar Utama


Here’s what the participants at our previous holiday workshops had to say:

Did you enjoy the workshop?
* Very much yes
* Yes, of course
* Yes
* Yes
* A bit (I didn’t like the writing part)

What did you like about it?
* Writing stories and poems
* Shortbread and doing some creative writing
* Playing with my friends
* Playing with my friends and writing. Scaring my friends.
* Writing whatever I wanted

How did you find the teacher?
* I found her great. She was patient and kind.
* Nice
* Really funny
* Our teacher was kind and good. In five days, my teacher never screamed at all! My teacher is very happy and nice.
* Very nice and kind. She also doesn’t get mad so fast.


Call/whatsapp Eileen at 012 207 2845 to reserve your space.

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